Search engine optimization is a more complex process than some website owners might realize. There are various nuances involved in providing an effective SEO service, which involves careful writing as well as elements of coding and the placement of relevant content both on site and elsewhere around the web.

Leaving aside the other factors, you may think of yourself as quite capable of writing a description of your business or its services, a personal bio, or whatever other content you need for your site. But a person who writes for an SEO service provider should be able to do all of these things equally well, but also with a sense of how each sentence might impact your search ranking.

The purely written features of an SEO service include the following:

Keyword Management

SEO experts will be able to tell you which keywords are most suitable to your site content or blog posts, and how often they should appear. But rather than trying to apply this information on your own, you may be better off leaving it in the hands of your SEO service provider.

Keyword density adds particular challenges to writing – challenges that even some talented writers are not familiar with. It is very easy to go overboard with this, which could make web content difficult to read or signal sites like Google that you’re trying to trick them into ranking your page. It is also easy to write pages of excellent content only to later realize that keywords have been forgotten and you haven’t provided any SEO service at all.


If the management of keyword density is a challenge when simply writing site content, imagine what it must be like in the context of regular blogging.

A blog represents a good opportunity for your SEO service provider to demonstrate your site’s ongoing relevance to a number of different search terms. And if you work closely with an SEO company to help them understand your site and your business, its writers can convey that information effectively while continuing to apply their expertise with keyword integration and SEO-specific writing.

Descriptive Text

Increasingly, a given site’s SEO service is integrated into its overall web marketing. As such, a writers for SEO companies should have some knowledge of advertising copy, as well, which comes in handy both for boosting algorithmic rankings and actually encouraging potential visitors to click on a link.

Title tags and meta descriptions are two especially important factors in these outcomes, and they’re also two factors that can easily be overlooked by someone without a background in either marketing or SEO service. Title tags provide a qualified writer with an opportunity to display a very brief description of content while also signaling search engines with the keyword that is most important to any given page. And although meta descriptions generally do not directly affect search results, they are visible to web users before they click on the associated link. If rendered in highly effective, marketing-oriented language, these can single-handedly prove the effectiveness of your SEO service provider.

Of course, there are many other factors that demonstrate that same effectiveness. The above points highlight the writing that your SEO company can provide. And in subsequent posts I will address other categories of skills that you should be able to identify in SEO service providers, web designers, and web marketing experts.