At One Brick Tech, we always strive to seek the most efficient and cost effective solution for our clients.

If you of the belief that the packaged Content Management Systems (CMS) or open-source E-commerce solution (Magento, Opencart, etc) provide some limitations in meeting your requirements then we offer our custom web design and development option. By custom, we don’t mean reinventing the wheel as our experts would use proven frameworks and platforms but still deliver a solution precisely to the client specification. Following are some of the benefits of custom web design and development from One Brick Tech:-

No compromises.
No cutting corners.
No restrictions.
With the custom solution from One Brick Tech, our clients do not have to compromise on their needs due to capabilities of a given platform or tweak design visions to fit a template. Our team will deliver a solution precisely to your requirements. Period.
Our team has completed a ton of varied projects so you can blindly place all bets on our delivery methodology. We use world-class web application frameworks in our projects to minimize the development timeframe and yet maintain the desired quality of our code.
Integration with
web services
and external APIs
By going custom, we enable ourselves to connect the website with any external interfaces and web services such as, PayPal, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, etc. Our team can also integrate 3rd party plugins/extensions/modules and create custom data feeds.
Our developers at One Brick Tech stand by their work and assume full responsibility for each line of code they write. We deliver none but a secure website. In case of an unforeseen attack, the team would work relentlessly to restore the service at the earliest possible.
We know that expected user traffic is always high on every client’s wish list. Our team will deliver a website that will be able to stoically endure the hordes of users and our experts will devise a strategy for its long-term growth. An apt hosting plan will be advised to will fit your exact needs.
It goes without saying that one who implements a solution is the fastest to troubleshoot and fix any problem that may occur. We are quite proactive about covering all bases to prevent any possible issues but if we bump into one then we provides a lifetime support.
As the CEO of Outlaw Fight Gear, LLC, I work closely with many of organizations, businesses, and groups for all different reasons. I recently had the pleasure to work with Vish and One Brick Tech, LLC on my new company website. After a month of knowing Vish during the website planning and development process, I have come to know him well and would like to recommend him to help take any website to the next level or beyond. Small or large, One Brick Tech, makes it happen with the final result being a kickass site!
Vish is a dedicated member of the One Brick Tech Team, and has dedicated countless hours of his time to me and my company. He has not only worked on my site on weekends, holidays and more, he has also helped to work a financial plan that fit within our company budget – ultimately, helping meet my company objectives.

Vish’s passion and talent for building quality websites for small or large companies is obvious with every site he delivers. For example, he built a full e-commerce website for my MMA gear company that allows complete inventory stock management, and more. He took the time to set a realistic plan, scope, and delivered exactly what I asked for within the given timeframe we agreed on.

In my opinion, Vish’s unwavering devotion to his designing and building quality software and websites exemplifies what every web developer should provide as a service. Also, he is a trustworthy individual and would be an excellent resource for any e-commerce company needs.

Christian Hoefling, Outlaw MMA Gear

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