Bradley Nice, a writer at, recently posted an interesting article on the topic of color choices in web design. It ought to be seen as an interesting read by anyone who aspires to serious or professional web design at a later date, or for anyone who owns a commercial website and would like to acquire the tools to better assess their site’s impact.

Fairly often, it seems to be the case that people take various features of website design and internet marketing for granted, and therefore conclude that they can eschew the services of a professional web developer, social media consultant, or other relevant internet professional. But occasionally reading articles like Bradley Nice’s may disabuse you of that notion. Such content exposes the mistakes that people can make when they approach internet marketing or web design services with an untrained eye.

You can also gain an improved understanding of this fact by just looking at various other sites, across the web. Most color-related mistakes aren’t egregious, but some are. And that goes to show that even obvious mistakes can escape the notice of a site owner if he or she clicks publish without having a neutral party or a professional web designer look it over.

Look through the offerings as a customizable blogging platform like Tumblr, for instance, and you will probably find pages on which the text is frustratingly difficult to read. And even if you don’t have a great deal of trouble deciphering an odd color scheme, that doesn’t mean that other users won’t, especially if they are using devices with different brightness and contrast settings. In other words, one set of eyes is never enough, especially when those eyes don’t truly know what they are looking for.

Nice’s article explains the nature of some of the visual problems you might encounter on Tumblr and elsewhere. But it also goes much deeper than that, highlighting the fact that the color scheme chosen by a web designer has an impact on visual clarity, general aesthetics, and visitors’ psychology all at once.

This speaks not only to the tremendous potential benefit of utilizing professional web design services, but also to the added benefit that may come from using a web designer who also has a solid understanding of general internet marketing, social media, and business. If your web design company doubles as a marketing agency, its representatives are much more likely to plan your site’s color scheme and a range of other factors on the basis of the psychological profile and demographic preferences of your prospective customers.

Everything from background color to text highlighting and overall site layout has a role to play in converting site visits into sales. To have the greatest chance of success, your web design should rely on internet marketing professionals who can see in all these things what your untrained eye cannot.