We’ve mentioned this elsewhere in passing, but it is important enough to warrant its own topic. When considering whom to hire to handle your company’s web design, small business marketing solutions, and search engine optimization services, it is worthwhile to give special consideration to companies that can handle all these areas of business development and more.

Of course, it is possible to develop a workable strategy if you hire a web design and development company in Charlotte, NC while your provider of local small business marketing is somewhere else. It’s even possible to undertake some aspects of marketing or some aspects of your company’s overall web presence on your own, outsourcing to contractors only when you personally feel it is necessary.

It’s all up to you; but the more hands you allow into the pot, the more likely they are to fight one another for the best pieces of our company’s web development and marketing. Too many people fail to appreciate the substantial areas of overlap between web design, local small business marketing, SEO, social media, and so on. It’s easier to coordinate one of these things when you’re also coordinating all of them.

Unless you are a legitimate expert in all of these aspects of commercial web presence, it’s usually best to find a web design and development company that contains a team of experts in every relevant area. Better still if they’re in your local area. That gives you the opportunity to keep in constant communication with them while still deferring to their strategic thinking once you know that all of you are on the same page.

Imagine having to make separate calls to your web design and development company, your provider of local search marketing services, your social media manager, and so on, every time you decide that changes in local industries have necessitated a shift in strategy.

Your business is almost certain to require such changes on a regular basis, and when they happen they’ll surely be across-the-board. You might be able to change the design of your site without changing your overall marketing strategy, but what happens when you find out that the changes have led to unforeseen changes in visitor demographics, and that your new audience responds to different keywords?

For that matter, how would you even know this information unless you spearheaded the design change and also had the know-how and the data follow up and understand new patterns of traffic and social media activity? Unless you have superhuman networking and management skills, the only sure-fire way to make a design change as effective as possible is to put it into the same hands as your local small business web marketer, provided that it has a demonstrated track record in all the relevant technical areas.

Ultimately, each hand needs to know what all the others are doing, and that’s only possible if they’re all coordinated by one mind.