Biz Journals published an interesting report this week on the topic of the North Carolina tourism industry. It details the results of a 2014 study conducted by the U.S. Travel Association, in partnership with Visit North Carolina. The news is overwhelmingly positive, in that it shows growth in tourism and tourist dollars for 97 of the state’s 100 counties. Some of that growth is quite substantial.

There is every reason to believe that the patterns observed in 2014 have continued into 2015, and that local tourism will still be a lucrative industry, come next year’s peak travel season. And this is not just good news for the operators of local attractions, guides, and other businesses directly associated with the tourist industry. It is good news for every business that enjoys even indirect contact with the tourist population, provided that that small business has a local marketing strategy for Charlotte or whatever other locality it serves.

The Charlotte region saw visitor spending increases of 6.2 percent in 2014. Such growth means more potential revenue for your Charlotte small business. But it also points to the prospect of greater competition, especially when you consider that the second leading region was hot on its trail with 6.1 percent growth. Within that landscape, you’d be well served to remind your Charlotte, NC web design and development company that you’re not just competing with other local businesses for precious tourist dollars, but also with other townships.

An effective internet marketing strategy can reach beyond local boundaries and poach individual customers, bringing them across town for shopping or a meal, or even across the state for another leg of their vacation. Your own local marketing strategies for your Charlotte, NC business serve to defend against both of these attacks. And as such, local web marketing services in Charlotte must start local, build a durable reputation and client base for your business, but also target tourists and passersby, who are looking to make a quick decision about where to spend their money on the fly.

This is definitely something to discuss with any Charlotte web design and development agency that you work with. A highly competent firm will help you to understand what works on the local level and what attracts people on a national and international scale. It will also understand the value of mobile integration, social media outreach, and SEO services, and will be prepared to develop a content management system that allows you to easily adjust site content as the season and other factors change.

Many of these complexities exist in purely local web marketing services, but when your small business is positioned to attract tourist dollars in a place like Charlotte, NC, the formula becomes that much more difficult. Only the best local web design and development companies can be entrusted with navigating that landscape of marketing and SEO and social media for you. But if they do so successfully, the payoff is much greater for a Charlotte local business than it would be some place else.