Earlier in February, Tech Target provided readers with an interesting case study, drawn from the Charlotte, North Carolina area, in how data analytics can function as a powerful tool for an internet marketing agency in Charlotte or throughout the world. The article featured input from Chris Zeppenfeld, the director of business intelligence for Charlotte’s NBA team, the Hornets.

Zeppenfeld explained how his team was among the first to adopt marketing analytics systems that allowed for the construction of complete fan profiles, on the understanding that these would allow the team to provide better service and more effective marketing to those fans. The average internet marketing agency in Charlotte is not likely to develop profile in quite the same way, but the article also provides more general insight into procedures and practices that might be useful either to a marketing company itself, or to an ecommerce business looking to retain the services of an internet marketing agency in Charlotte or another local area.

Regardless of exactly how it is gathered, consumer data is very likely to come to a marketing company or internal marketing department in a rather diffuse way. Different instances of feedback from the same consumer need to be assembled into a single profile to give you the most meaningful vision of that consumer’s experience and demographic perspective. Meanwhile, altogether different instances of feedback need to be rigorously analyzed, ideally by a dedicated marketing agency that is familiar with your target demographic and perhaps your local area.

These are difficult tasks to manage, and when a local-area business understands what is really involved, it’s more likely to conclude that such analytics should be both undertaken and ultimately utilized by a local marketing agency. This conclusion is all the more sensible for a small business which lacks the sort of resources that the Charlotte Hornets were able to devote to their marketing analytics system. A marketing agency in Charlotte, NC – a well-recognized center of the IT industry – can be expected to already have tools in place to record and organize relevant user feedback.

Additionally, it makes even more sense to put these tasks in the hands of a marketing agency in Charlotte or another IT hub when one considers that consumer analytics and actual marketing are tightly interwoven in this 21st century landscape. This is also something that was clearly illustrated in the Tech Target article. Zeppenfeld gave concrete examples of how knowledge of a particular consumer’s background can help a company to provide him or her with better service, thereby making it more likely that he or she will continue to spend – and spend at a higher level – in the near future.

This blog has pointed out in the past that a marketing agency in Charlotte or on the other side of the world has the power to provide local consumers with a very personal experience of any given brand. The more they remain engaged with that experience, the more those consumers will continue to freely provide feedback and relevant personal information. In the right hands, this information practically serves to automatically improve the marketing outcomes of a client company.