Search Engine Journal recently published an article whose lead encourages you to envision SEO services as the pathway to life-altering business outcomes. It purports to tell you how SEO content audits have helped “multimillion-dollar companies” to become the powerhouses they are today.

Of course, SEO is a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to determining your overall success. But the article is correct to suggest that it is an early step on the way toward outrageous success. Yet SEO services can be equally important if you have more modest goals. Multimillion-dollar growth doesn’t need to be a realistic outcome for a professional SEO company to be a worthwhile partner in your ventures.

Whether you’re a business with hundreds of employers, or just a home-based online retailer, an SEO content audit can fill much the same role. Even if your online presence isn’t for a commercial venture, such SEO services can help you to better pursue the sort of influence, networking, and positive attention that the internet was built for.

Once upon a time, it might have been reasonable to assume that the value of SEO services came from just driving a client’s website upward in the rankings. But today, the field of SEO is a lot more nuanced than that. It’s not just about reaching the largest possible audience; it’s about reaching exactly the right audience. It’s about reaching them in the right ways, under the right circumstances, and directing them straight to the information that you really need them to see.

The raw numbers for your website might already look good. They might give you the impression that the only thing standing between you and multimillion dollar status is time. But there is a great deal that SEO services can reveal beyond your daily and yearly visitor counts, or their growth rate.

A full SEO content audit will take into account a wide range of factors. It will help you to analyze not just the quality of your existing SEO services but also your entire marketing campaign and site design. Are direct links to certain pages leading to more conversions among your customers? Are visitors to your homepage able to find their way around? Are the keywords that drive traffic the same ones that encourage action?

There’s a very long list of topics that a good SEO company can analyze for you, in order to improve your site in terms of both how it ranks and how it performs. That latter issue still seems to be an overlooked feature of SEO services. An SEO content audit is a means of figuring out how to make your site better. And in this way, it is a precursor to improved design, marketing, and social media outreach.

This is the difference between modest success and great success – however you define that. Maybe it’s multimillion-dollar growth. But maybe it’s something more subtle, more personal. In any case, SEO services can help you to clear roadblocks along the way, which might never have been visible otherwise.