A plagiarism checker is something you might have heard students or teachers talk about. Since plagiarism is a challenge in academics mostly. 

However, it has also become a common and growing problem in the online world.

Since laziness and unoriginality are common traits, these plagiarized contents are becoming a recurring problem for website makers and SEO experts. 

As a result, they end up losing ranks, or worse, don’t find any rank in SERP at all.

That’s why plagiarism removal is necessary for any marketer today. So, how does a plagiarism checker help you do that exactly? Let’s dive in and find out:

Is Plagiarism Common In SEO? 

The quick answer to this question is, yes, it is. However, the common plagiarism problem among SEO content creators isn’t that simple. 

Most of the SEO content today features accidental plagiarism in one way or another. 

Topic similarities, content creation tactics, and marketing objectives are three of the major contributors to this unwanted or unintended duplicity in content creation. 

However, that doesn’t mean intentional plagiarizers don’t exist in SEO.

Mainly because lazy writers will always find easier ways to write content as long as humans write. This includes plagiarizing or using someone else’s content entirely. However, the most common plagiarism type is mosaic or patchwork.

In this type, the plagiarizer uses an entire piece of content from another source then alters it a little before posting it as their own. 

Besides that, you will find many similar content pieces. Here are three of the major reasons why it’s a recurring problem?

  • Topic Similarities Cause It

The most probable cause of plagiarism in SEO content today is because of how similar the topics are. Just look for a “how-to” article on google, and you will find heaps of similar-sounding content.

This isn’t intentional, and it’s not even made with the intention of plagiarizing. However, it does happen because of how similar topics are.

  • Same Objectives

Most of the marketers are gunning for the same objectives today. This includes creating content for particular audiences, using certain keywords, etc. 

All these elements end up making the writer employ similar tactics, then it leads to creating content that looks awfully similar to the common user. 

  • Trends

Trendy content is where any writer is at most risk of committing plagiarism. That is why trends aren’t always good for SEO content, as they can cause more harm than good. So, stick to a strategy, but don’t rely on trendy topics a little too much. 

6 Ways Plagiarism Checker Is Helpful In SEO Perspective

Now, let’s dial back down to the topic. How is a plagiarism checker effective for SEO? As mentioned above and throughout this article, plagiarism is an unethical and unwanted practice. Even if the duplicity is unintentional, it’s still harmful.

That’s why it’s necessary to avoid it and rid your content of any sort of plagiarism. However, detecting plagiarism in thousands of words of content can be a problem. That’s when a plagiarism checker steps in. 

It helps you in many ways, but out of them all, a few stand out as the most beneficial aspects of a plagiarism checker. So, here’s a list of 6 of these elements. 

  • Helps You Detect Plagiarism Without Any Hassle

Checking for plagiarism through search engines isn’t a new practice. Some writers, who are unaware of plagiarism checkers, go through Google, searching each sentence of the content. This process takes ages and a lot of precious time.

However, using a plagiarism checker saves you from all this hassle since they do this without all the trouble you face. 

By simply clicking the button, once you upload the content you wish to check, you can scour through hundreds of thousands of pages of content. Since Plagiarism checkers are AI-based tools, they ensure nothing goes unchecked. 

  • Goes Into Depth To Find Contents Similarities 

You can check for content similarities on Google, and they might work in case of shorter content, sentences, etc. However, not all of the content you wish to check might be indexed by search engines. That’s why certain databases exist on the internet, and these tools can access them.

By doing so, they can ensure that your content is checked in-depth by comparing it to said databases. What’s the benefit for you? In many cases, this will help you ensure that your content has no other similar-sounding content in any niche or industry.

  • Shows You A Percentage Of Plagiarism 

Each of the plagiarism checkers that you see online offers you a certain percentage. This percentage allows you to understand just the exact amount of duplicity within your content without worrying about the rest.

Moreover, you can simply click on the detected plagiarism and peruse the original source of plagiarism. By doing so, you can also determine your next step. In other words, how you’re going to eliminate plagiarism from your content. 

  • Helps You Get Rid Of It – One Percent At A Time

A capable plagiarism checker will offer a text editor. The same content that you copy/paste or upload into the plagiarism checker can be edited on the spot. This allows you to eliminate plagiarism from your content while monitoring it.

As you go along, you can check for plagiarism again and again. By doing so, you will remove plagiarism from your content effectively until it’s 100% clear and original. In other words, eliminating plagiarism one percent at a time. 

  • Original Content Removes Doubt & Ensures Credibility

In any SEO setting, original content is the backbone of marketing strategies. Without ensuring content’s originality, doubt may ever accompany you. That’s why it’s necessary to steer away from such doubts and ensure your content’s originality. 

On top of that, using a plagiarism checker will not only help you detect and eliminate plagiarism, but it will also ensure that you remove doubts from the mind of your audience as well. In other words, it will help you increase your credibility tenfold. 

  • Causes To Draw Audience & Search Engine Crawlers

Original content will be one of the first things you will require in the world of SEO. As mentioned before, plagiarism checkers can help you do that quite eloquently. In turn, they increase your content’s chances of being indexed by search engine crawlers.

So, when search engine crawlers index and rank your content higher, it will end up drawing more audience. Consequently, it will all result in helping you generate better organic traffic. 


These six remarkable factors should be enough to convince you to use a plagiarism checker. Since plagiarism itself is highly unethical, it should also be reason enough to avoid it at all costs. So, use a proper plagiarism checker and reap all the aforementioned rewards.