At TNW News, Owen Williams recently penned an article that was provocatively titled “Web Design is now Completely Boring.” He makes an interesting point about how the growing ease of launching websites has actually corresponded to a proportional decrease in creativity. By comparison, Williams suggests, the early days of the web were “magical” and full of experiments in what could be accomplished with the emerging tools of web design companies.

Now that you can barely round the corner without finding web design services in a Charlotte, NC or other tech hubs, it seems as though an awful lot of those service providers are operating on auto pilot. But the larger problem may be that existing web design frameworks have made it possible for some inexperienced website owners to avoid web design and development companies altogether and still get a site with at least basic functionality and visual impact.

But as we pointed out in a previous post on this blog, you’re now effectively competing with one billion other sites across the web. If you’ve been going it alone on web design and development or your web design services have been operating on auto-pilot, it may be time for you to reconsider whether your site can really get by with the same “completely boring” design as every other modern website.

Creativity may be dying, but it’s not dead, and you can help to revive it by working closely with a website redesign and development agency to brainstorm ways in which you can match a stronger visual impression to the unique character of your products or services.

Williams notes that the go-to frameworks have been shown to be effective at converting visitors into customers, but he is also quick to point out that this only means those frameworks are a starting point. They can be modified and redeveloped in ways that set your site apart from the crowd. And at a time when very few site owners are doing this, you have the opportunity to come up with small business marketing solutions that use those modifications to great effect.

This speaks for why it is useful for your web design and development company to double as a provider of local web marketing services. The two elements of your online strategy can work very much in tandem, along with other elements like search engine optimization and social media management.

Whether you’re setting up your website for the first time or following through with a long-overdue redesign, it is worthwhile to have one overarching vision guiding you through that process and into the process of actively utilizing your website to convert visitors. If you talk this vision over with a web design and online marketing agency, you’ll have an opportunity to develop a website that not only avoids the common trap of boredom, but is also a unique reflection of everything that is exciting and desirable about your brand.