If your local SEO company offers a comprehensive selection of web services, it may even be able to help you leverage the power of online video as part of your web marketing strategy.

Remarkably, only about nine percent of small businesses are active on YouTube. This figure has grown much more slowly than the average number of the video-sharing site’s monthly users, which now runs into the billions. Together, these statistics suggest that online video advertising is a market that’s ripe for exploitation, even if you don’t have the faintest idea of how to get started.

An SEO company should be able to help you with this, especially if it’s also the sort of web service provide that can also help you to shoot, upload, promote, and manage YouTube content. If your local SEO company has significant experience with online video, it should be able to help you brainstorm how to attract an initial body of followers to your channel, then build off of their engagement on an ongoing basis.

It can be argued that YouTube is among the best places for an SEO company to apply its skills. It may also be among the best places for you to personally develop those skills if you’re interested in taking some or all of your search engine optimization in-house.

What makes YouTube so user-friendly to an SEO company is the sheer quantity of data and the number of available tools for search analytics. The website itself provides a wealth of information right in the analytics section of your channel. This should allow you or your local SEO company to get an almost immediate understanding of the types of content that YouTube users are engaging with, as well as how they’re engaging, and where they’re coming from.

Third-party tools can add to your understanding and make it even easier for you to develop viable ideas for how to keep visitors coming back for more video content related to your area o expertise.

However, it bears mentioning that these sorts of analytics only become truly useful after you have an established following and a regular pattern of interaction. The real challenge – for you and for your SEO company – consists of setting up your initial optimization strategy based on all available data. This includes data about the types of non-video content that have been successful on your own website, social media accounts, or third-party blog posts, as well as the observable performance of existing videos that are meaningfully related to what you hope to public.

Of course, then the further challenge becomes creating videos that are similar enough to existing content that they capture the same interest, but different enough that they set themselves apart and lead visitors to believe you’re offering them something they can’t find elsewhere. An SEO company can only give you a portion of the tools that you need to fulfill that challenge, but if the same company has staff or partners with expertise in other areas, then you may find yourself on the way to producing unique, top-notch, high performing video content in no time at all.