On Friday, Search Engine Watch posted an article titled “11 tips on how to optimize Pinterest pins for SEO.” In addition to providing practical information on this particular topic, the article raises the issue of search engine optimization for social media accounts in general. Once you generalize from these observations about Pinterest, you can imagine all the other work that a search engine optimization services company might have to do for a company that is highly active on social media.

By the same token, it should be pretty clear most readers that there are definite advantages to putting these tasks in the hands of a search engine optimization services company, as opposed to undertaking them oneself. In fact, that ought to become increasingly clear as you read through the Search Engine Watch article.

That article begins simply enough, with the first few items on the list simply encouraging Pinterest-linked site owners to create relevant content and make sure that it is organized and enriched with thorough, accurate, and keyword-focused descriptions. Though simple in theory, this is no easy task. It requires that the site owner or the search engine optimization services company be well-versed in creating and editing visual content, as well as knowing how Pinterest works overall and which keywords are most relevant to one’s prospective viewership.

The challenges become increasingly clear as the list goes on, especially when it highlights the several areas of research that are involved in providing search engine optimizations services to a Pinterest page, and therefore to virtually any social media account.

Search Engine Watch advises users to treat user profiles, categories or “boards,” and the actual pins and descriptions as separate outlets for search engine optimization services. In every case, providing effective SEO requires looking into the kinds of content and keywords that are being shared among users with interests relevant to your company. It also requires constant vigilance in checking which of the local marketing strategies on your Pinterest page are working, and modifying those that aren’t.

Once you also take into account the article’s later advice to pin content regularly and frequently, you can easily conceptualize how these sorts of search engine optimization services can become a full time job. Spread these tasks across a number of different social media accounts, with different keywords and user bases, and it becomes absolutely clear that you can’t expect to manage search engine optimization services on your own when you’re already managing the rest of your business.

More than that, your local web marketing services provider can probably be expected to have relevant expertise in social media marketing, integration of those social media accounts into website redesign and development, as well as the search engine optimization services that make all those pages stand out both on their own and in concert with one another.