Social media marketing is steadily taking on new dimensions, and One Brick Tech is committed to keeping up with the changes. We’re hopeful that any major web marketing tactics you’ve come across in recent months have been mentioned in some capacity on this blog. In fact, as we continue reading press regarding social media marketing, we occasionally find reports that show growth in strategies and resources that we’d discussed earlier, when those topics were arguably in their infancy.

Of course, such growth calls for a revisit of the relevant topics. And one example of this is the topic of “influencer marketing,” which was the focus of a post we made late last year. Recently, Forbes brought new attention to that topic in the form of an interview with the founder and CEO of a company that has sought to develop new resources for improving social media marketing by appealing to established influencers, or people with a strong following among a company’s target demographics.

What’s interesting about Gil Eyal’s startup HYPR is that he characterizes it as combining influencer marketing tactics with the technologies and analytics one would already expect to find in social media marketing as a whole. The way we see it, this speaks to another topic that we’ve discussed much more recently on this blog, namely the advantage that clients get from a web marketing company that can offer an integrated package of services.

These services should include search engine optimization, web development, social media management, and now perhaps also the sorts of influencer marketing services offered by HYPR. It’s worth noting, however, that Eyal admits his company is not a social media marketing service provider. It specializes only in providing clients with access to lists of influencers who match up with the sorts of keywords those clients are targeting.

The way we see it, this means that HYPR is not a service that site owners should be looking at directly as part of an effort to personally boost their social media marketing outcomes. Instead, it should be something that site owners simply keep in mind as a resource that could be used by their web marketing company, particularly if that company has proven itself capable of navigating the various dimensions of social media marketing.

Proprietary resources like HYPR often don’t pay their greatest dividends when wielded by inexperienced individuals or by people with few other connections in the social media marketing industry. But this is not to say that they only show their effectiveness in the hands of large firms with deep pockets.

Quite the contrary, the Forbes article emphasizes that influencer marketing has become increasingly accessible to small-scale clients, specifically by including people with a narrower but no less targeted reach than, say, an A-list celebrity. Yet this does not change the fact that influencer marketing, like virtually any form of social media marketing, is best handled by a company that knows its way around the industry as a whole and can build an influencer’s social media activity into a much larger, integrated web marketing campaign.