As a Charlotte marketing agency, we don’t just do business within North Carolina, but we do recognize that local relationships are fundamental, even when the relevant work is mostly done online. We’ve provided web services for clients all across the country and even outside the United States, but we’re unlikely to pass up and opportunity to help local-area businesses, for the sake of prospective clients who are far from home.

Businesses in most every field should exhibit some sort of meaningful connection to the places they call home, especially when they are as accommodating to an industry as Charlotte is to information technology. With that in mind, we keep a close eye on local news as it relates to the economic future for Charlotte and for North Carolina as a whole. And it’s with some frequency that those stories jump out at us with lessons about how a Charlotte marketing agency can help to support the local business environment.

This subtext was hiding, for instance, in an article that was published on April 11, by the Charlotte Observer. Although it was not able to confirm specific details about the company involved, the article explained that the state senate was crafting a jobs incentive package for the express purpose of keeping a certain heritage employer from moving away from its longstanding home.

With a lack of definite details, the story invites a Charlotte marketing agency to view it as a template for clients they might end up working with at some point in the future. Those clients could be either businesses like the heritage manufacture in this case, or government institutions like those that are working to present the company with incentives to keep its operations in-state.

These two possibilities represent two sides of a transaction that necessarily entails long-term communication and negotiations. And crucially, these may be channeled not only through discussion around a negotiating table, but also through social media, public relations, and marketing campaigns that are designed to convince the other side to either accept an offer or craft a new one.

The Observer’s article leaves a lot to the imagination, but it isn’t difficult for us as a Charlotte marketing agency to conceptualize how the current situation might play out. The article itself may play into that process, and may even be the product of a Charlotte marketing agency in its own right. It serves as a public announcement of the government’s desire to keep the company around. And this in turn invites the company’s representatives – or its own marketing agency – to issue a public response articulating their expectations.

Beyond that, offers and counter-offers might be made either privately or publicly. But in either case, a Charlotte marketing agency can help to make its client’s case in the most convincing terms, through a medium that will draw attention and encourage a quick response. It is a process that repeats itself in any number of semi-public negotiations between different parties, be they business partners, competing political interests, or most anything else.

As easy as it is for us, it should be similarly easy for prospective clients of a Charlotte marketing agency to envision how this process might apply to their own efforts to attract attention and encourage collaboration from business partners, government agencies, and the general public.