Before a client enters into a partnership with a local web design company, it’s important for them to realize that such a partnership will ideally be a longstanding one. At a glance, it might seem like web design is a one-and-done sort of proposition, and that once your site launches you shouldn’t have to revisit it unless something drastic happens you the client makes the decision to rebrand or otherwise change things around.

But the sort of stagnation that you’re envisioning is neither realistic nor desirable. Of course, a web design company in Charlotte, NC or another competitive marketplace should be able to build you a functional, attractive website with little fanfare or advance notice. But even the most competently-designed site is not complete until its performance has been monitored over a long period of time and its user experience, or UX has been upgraded to serve the specific needs and interests of the target audience.

In fact, the very best websites are never absolutely complete. They might not change in a noticeable way for months or years on end, but they are not abandoned by the original web design company or its client, either. There are often ways in which the code can be tweaked or the design overhauled in order to make things better for people who tend to visit the site. And as long as the changes are not disorienting, the resulting sense of liveliness can actually be a selling point that drives visitors to return over and over again.

Of course, traffic is practically meaningless for an ecommerce site unless it also generates sales. Every Charlotte web design company knows that. Most of them also know how regular monitoring and maintenance of a client’s website can help to increase the rate of conversions. As a site’s owner or its web design company starts to develop a clear sense of how people are using the site and what they are searching for, it may get easier and easier for that company to streamline the UX so visitors arrive at the desired information or take the desired action more expeditiously. And in many cases, the desired action is a lucrative transaction.

On the other hand, we wouldn’t want to give you the impression that long-term web development and improvements to UX are all about parting your customers from their money. Especially in the early life of your site, the point of regular monitoring is also to root out problems as they manifest. No web design company can anticipate absolutely everything, and in any event the landscape of the web is changing along with the devices that people use to view it. Under those circumstances, it’s likely that some users will fall short of receiving the full intended experience that your site has to offer. But this doesn’t need to be the case for long.

A recent article at Business2Community described some of the ways in which UX can be optimized over time, with a specific emphasis on improving profits. But we’re confident that each of those points highlights something that has already been covered at this blog. It also misses what, for us, is really the bottom line: When you hire someone as your web design company, it might pay off to vet their ability to provide other web services such as search engine optimization and social media management, as well. Because ideally, you’ll be keeping your web design company on speed dial for a long time to come.