Internet marketing strategies can easily grow stagnant if they are not reexamined and upgraded on a fairly regular basis. This is something that a company or its internet marketing partners can do at any time, but the New Year represents a natural milestone that motivates some people to make substantial changes.

The concept of the New Year’s resolution is easily adapted to business, and especially to internet marketing, where it may even take the same general form as your personal resolutions. Plenty of people resolve to take more chances or to expand their horizons, and this is certainly a goal that is just as applicable to their professional lives as it is to their hobbies and social lives.

When making that sort of professional resolution, the New Year also makes it relatively easy to identify different ways in which a person or company might seek to expand their horizons. Every December, there are countless articles published online which describe emerging trends in internet marketing, among other industries. A quick read through a few of those will no doubt give any website owner an idea of which trends they are and are not comfortable with, and which ones they want to make more familiar.

A number of this year’s articles have placed emphasis on the topic of video content as a tool of internet marketing. By some accounts, more than 80 percent of internet marketing professionals see that sort of content as having the highest return on investment. It may even make conversions 80 percent more likely and given you twice the odds of appearing on the first page of Google search results. But for some companies, it’s still a brand new endeavor, and one that they haven’t yet taken the opportunity to explore with their internet marketing teams.

Now is as good a time as any to start discussing that team’s capabilities with regard to video production, and the company’s strategies for disseminating the relevant content. Those discussions might even bring you face-to-face with another category of New Year’s resolution, namely the expansion of one’s professional and social circles via new platforms, such as TikTok.

This blog has previously discussed how TikTok represents fertile ground for new internet marketing strategies, especially strategies that target young consumers. The details of marketing on that platform are only beginning to take shape, but its potential cannot be denied, and it only reinforces the perception that video will be uniquely important in the coming era of internet marketing.

No company can expect to adapt its strategies to TikTok without first becoming familiar with methods of communicating its branded messages via video. And once a company learns that lesson, it should recognize that the underlying overlap between new platforms and new types of content is something they should keep their eyes on with every passing year. The more practice that company has at expanding its horizons, the better positioned it will be to develop internet marketing strategies that take full advantage of the each year’s – and each generation’s – trends.