If you have an ongoing relationship with a WordPress development company, there’s a good chance that that relationship will soon be changing or at least undergoing a sort of reevaluation. This is because WordPress is just on the verge of premiering a new version: WordPress 5.0. And this means that both site owners and web developers will soon find themselves exploring a new set of tools and a new user interface, which may affect how they are used to working on the given platform.

Like most updates to online platforms and web design resources, the forthcoming changes are largely expected to make things more user-friendly and more intuitive, so that anybody can accomplish the essential tasks that WordPress fulfills. It may be tempting to conclude from this that the role of your WordPress development company will now be irrelevant. But we’d advise you not to be so hasty.

It’s certainly true that you might find yourself perfectly capable of navigating WordPress 5.0 without assistance, even if you don’t have a background in web design or any real knowledge of coding. After all, the new version replaces a standard editor with content blocks that can be modified and rearranged, effectively eliminating the need to tweak code in ways that were previously essential. But as with all things, the easy accessibility of basic tasks does not change the fact that there are more advanced tasks for which expert knowledge might still be helpful.

Assuming that it is keeping up with the changes as WordPress moves between versions, a WordPress development company will probably be able to do things with the platform that you can’t. And even when focusing just on basic tasks, a WordPress development company should be able to undertake them more quickly and efficiently. You can save costs by doing it yourself, but there are always additional costs, involving the other aspects of your business that you could have been focusing on.

For a web development company that works with the platform regularly, familiarity with WordPress 5.0 is central to their business. By continuing to employ it after the change, you will be saving yourself from having to learn how to navigate the new version in the first place. And if this doesn’t immediately seem significant, it is worth considering that new releases usually come with bugs or unforeseen problems. By interacting with the platform regularly and comprehensively, a WordPress development company will be in a better position to identify, troubleshoot, and compensate for these problems.

Professional services never really become irrelevant, at least until a task that we used to perform for ourselves becomes fully automated. Instead, the users of that service are challenged to recalculate the opportunity costs involved in, say, sewing their own clothes as opposed to employing a seamstress. Of course, those who choose to save money by doing things for themselves have the freedom to spend those savings on something else, including other services offered by the same company.

It would be odd for a WordPress development company to not be engaged in other web services. So if you find yourself no longer in need of those services, but you trust the contractors whom you’ve employed before, it may be an opportunity for you to shift your resources to other aspects of your website, if WordPress only makes up a part of it, or to the marketing campaign, search engine optimization, or social media marketing that brings visitors to that site once it has been completed and brought fully up to date.